Boldfit Gym Ball for Exercise & Yoga with Pump

Improves Balance Strong Core Can Be Stored Easily

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  • Improves Balance
  • Versatile Use
  • Anti-Burst
  • Anti-Slip
Country of orgin : China
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Mini Loop Bands
Mini Loop Bands
Mini Loop Bands
Workouts More Challenging

It takes an extra step from your part if you want to push yourself harder during training sessions. In that case, adding some variety can help a lot in achieving more challenging workouts. That is where Swiss ball comes into play because it makes all types of exercises much harder than usual. You will probably feel like going back to those basic machines and tools after trying out numerous moves on the ball. This way, even though muscles work exactly the same way as before, they get stronger as the ball trains your stability and strength.

Whole-body Workout

Depending on the type of exercise, your whole body will probably be involved and engaged in some way or another as the core remains vital for doing various moves that require balance. If the number of repetitions during a set is higher than usual, some muscle groups like your arms can do less work while others maximize their engagement. Nonetheless, Swiss ball is a versatile tool that can help you train almost every muscle group in the body.

Anti-Burst Balls

Swiss balls are anti-burst and totally safe for working out. The balls are designed not to burst or deflate no matter how much pressure you put on them, so there's no need to be concerned about the safety of this equipment. You can workout without any worries about injuries or damage.

Anti Slip

Swiss balls are made out of PVC to provide traction and ensure that your body remains stable throughout the workout. Handle provides you a proper grip while working out and the material of the ball ensures that it does not slip even when you have sweaty hands!


Your gym might have a Swiss ball so it’s best to use a personal Swiss ball at home or at your workout studio. Just ensure that there is enough space for you to workout.

You can switch up your exercises and make them hard by adding the element of balance in the workout. Use this to make your legs workout harder by performing lunges, glute bridges or pikes here or fix your posture by training your core just by sitting on it.

It does! A pump is provided so you can inflate and deflate the ball whenever you need which will help you prevent unnecessary space consumption in your space.

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