Boldfit Posture Corrector for Men & Women.

Easy to carry High-quality built

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Elevate your posture by using our Boldfit’s Posture Corrector. The benefits of back support are endless, it makes your bones healthier, circulatory system better, breathing smoother, and to help you develop a good posture for sitting, standing, and walking. Begin by using it when you are lying at home, sitting in the office, or in your leisure time.

Country of origin : China

Made For The Bold

Made for the Bold


We believe that in order to do good, you have to feel good about yourself, and so at Boldfit we designed this product to correct your body posture to protect your spine by making sure your upper spine is in the right position while you are working, walking, and using your mobile. Reduce slouching, slumping and hunching by using Boldfits Posture Corrector.



Designed with premium quality, lightweight, and soft material, this posture corrector feels comfortable on your body. The breathable and ideal design keeps you cool and sweat-free for a longer time while giving your body that much needed support.



Wear this Posture Corrector anytime and anywhere you go as it is completely invisible under your clothes. Whether you are going to the office, leaving for the morning run, going for a stroll in the park, exercise, yoga, cycling, or running, this posture corrector will provide you with that much needed support.



Boldfits Posture corrector comes with adjustable hooks and loops fastener for a perfect and comfortable fit. We design our back brace for under bust circumference ranging from 27"-43", which is ideal for anyone and everyone to use

Step 1

Put on it like to wear a backpack

Step 2

Pull the main straps down to the upper abdomen, then stick them together.

Step 3

Pull the shoulder straps downward until your shoulder feels the stretch and stick-on velcro and adjust the straps to make sure you feel stretching force.


What Makes Us Bold

We at BoldFit take immense pride in providing you with the best quality of the products in the market. We aim to create a lifestyle that can be adopted by almost anyone. We source our ingredients in the purest form and from the best places. We work with WHO-GMP certified manufacturers and follow rigorous quality checks to ensure that you are provided with purest products to help you crush your fitness goals.

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Boldfit was started with one motto - To provide quality nutrition and fitness accessories to the Bold fitness community. We take utmost care, perform strict quality checks to ensure you get the best products. When you buy from Boldfit you can be confident. Today over 1 Lakh customers trust us because of our high-quality standards.

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A general rule of thumb for these devices is to start with 15 to 20 minutes a day and add more time, up to 30 minutes to an hour a day, until your body gets accustomed to its proper positioning.

To correct posture it can take anywhere from a few days to many weeks or months. Your posture took a long time to develop so it will take some time to correct. When using Boldfit’s Posture Corrector your back will feel the results in 10-15 minutes.

Posture correctors should only be used short-term to help cultivate awareness of healthy posture, but not for extended periods which results in core muscle weakness.

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