Bold Gym Shaker Bottle 700ml


Rs. 599.00 You Save 50% (Rs. 300.00)

Country of orgin : China
Are you a pro or aspire to be one? Perfect! The pro shaker is made for Braveheart like yourself. The never before seen 3 part compartment is a bonus. Do your pro self a favor.

The term "Cyclone" was
coined for a reason. A
shaker right to its duties.

Load. Reload. Easily

Everyday Pal

Need we say your search for a better shaker ends here. This baby can mix, shake, and breakdown like a piece of art. One of our best products ever!

Hyper mixer. Takes seconds

Mixing should not be a chore. The cone shape engineered piece will slash through and form a smooth, delicious drink in the blink of an eye.

An A player deserves an “A” grade product!

You work hard, and you deserve the best! Proshake is not just any shaker made out BPA free in a clean and monitored environment. Just like how you want it.

Full of surprises

What’s under the main container? You guessed it, another one! We designed it such that you carry and consume duel dose in a single load. Life's more comfortable with proshaker!

Shake it. Mix it. Have it.

1 Scoop in
200 ML of Water.

Shake it in with the
bold shaker

Phew! Enjoy
Your Drink.

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