Boldpops Daily Vitals Multivitamin Gummies

Vitality Blend Delicious Taste Recover Better Joint Support formula

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Be Bold

Be Bold

Over 10 Vitamins and Minerals formulated in a serving that help you run longer, lift heavier and recover quicker. Time to go BOLD!

Keeps You Buzzing

Keeps You Buzzing

Bold Pops consists of various vitamins and essential minerals that provide your body with energy and vitality to crush your goals day-in day-out.

High Potency

High Potency

One serving of Bold Pops gives you the required amount of Vitamins and Minerals in a day to make sure that your micronutrient needs are met. What a lifesaver!

Feed your inner diva

Feed your inner diva

A specialized blend to boost hair as well as skin quality along with your daily nutrition and sleep.


Gluten Free
Soy Free
Soy Free
No Added Sugar
No Added Sugar
Immuntiy Defence
Immunity Defence
100% Vegeterian
100% Vegetarian
Superprior Quality
Superior Quality
Harder, Faster, Stronger

A powerful punch of vitamins and herbs will fuel your body to push your workout to the very next level. A serving a day is enough to fulfill your daily micronutrient goals and perform at your peak.

Detox, Cleanse, Repeat

Pollution and artificial food sources have wreaked havoc in our internal systems subjected to several foreign particles. Essential vitamins and antioxidants help to flush out the toxins from the inside and reduce the oxidative stress on the body, helping you build immunity and get glowing skin.

Flawless Skin and Hair

Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, and Antioxidants will nourish your body from within. Get stronger nails, radiant skin, and luscious hair with a healthy dose of nutrients. Bold Pops is a one-stop solution to all of your problems.

Fortify Your Immunity

Immunity is not something that should be trodden lightly with. High dose of Vitamins along with several beneficial minerals help you protect your body from a foreign attack that will leave you sidetracked for a long time.

Boldpop Daily Vitals Multi Blend
Boldpop Daily Vitals Multi Blend




We recommend taking these gummies after a heavy meal; taking them after lunch or breakfast is the most optimal way to get the best results.

There are no adverse effects if you maintain a healthy diet and take the supplement. We recommend consulting your nutritionist or general doctor before starting the supplementation.

We wanted to create a completely vegetarian supplement. Vitamin D3 was earlier classified as vegetarian, but recently FSSAI, the regulating body, has mandated that it be classified as non-vegetarian. Hence, we had to omit Vitamin D3.

The dosage of vitamins, minerals, and herbs is formulated to perfection for every capsule. We recommend consulting a nutritionist to get the proper dosage tailored to your body’s requirements.

What Makes Us Bold

We at BoldFit take immense pride in providing you the best quality of the products in the market. We aim to create a lifestyle that can be adopted by almost anyone. We source our ingredients in the purest form and from the best places. We work with WHO-GMP certified manufacturers and follow rigorous quality checks to ensure that you are provided with purest products to help you crush your fitness goals.

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Boldfit was started with one motto - To provide quality nutrition and fitness accessories to the Bold fitness community. We take utmost care, perform strict quality checks to ensure you get the best products. When you buy from Boldfit you can be confident. Today over 1 Lakh customers trust us because of our high-quality standards.

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