Boldfit Pro Foam Roller For Deep Tissue Massage


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  • Improves Mobility
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • 3 Unique Massage Textures
  • Lightweight
Country of orgin : China
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Relieves Post Workout Soreness

After a heavy workout, your muscles form adhesions as part of recovery from training which can lead to tightness as well as soreness. Foam rolling your muscles after an intense workout helps to release muscle adhesions and tensions while promoting blood flow to the muscles for better recovery.

Helps To Improve Mobility

Long hours of sitting can take a huge toll on our body’s mobility. Long durations of inactivity can cause weakening of certain tissues which ultimately leads to an imbalance or stiffness. Foam rolling can help to reduce stiffness with the help of myofascial release.

Deep Tissue Massage

Three unique massage textures to help you achieve pressure deep enough to provide proper relief. Our “water ripple” textures will help you relax those tight shoulders and back after a long day in the office. It’s perfect for post-workout relief as well!

Versatile Use

This foam roller can be used for yoga, pain relief, rehab training, mobility drills, the options are endless! Enhance your workouts by foam rolling before warm-up and cool down to increase your body’s flexibility and recovery.


Yes! You certainly can. Foam rolling daily has several benefits for the body and also helps in reducing soreness. Make sure not to apply too much pressure or overdoing it.

If you have a history of injuries or chronic back pain then it’s best to consult a professional before using the foam roller.

It absolutely is! Carry this foam roller in your gym bag and you can use it post workouts to help relieve the tightness.

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