BOLDVEDA Pure Kashmiri Kesar - All-Red Finest Saffron Threads - 1gm

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Mood Support, Rich colour and aroma, Immunity Support, Pregnancy & PMS Support tags Supplements points

Why BoldVeda Saffron (Kesar) strands

  • Saffron has an unmistakable aroma and enhances the taste of food.
  • Supports healthy and glowing skin.
  • Saffron, the premium Indian spice is used widely for religious practices.
  • Supports energy, mood and strength in a natural way.
  • Powerful source of nutrients for overall development.
  • Supports cognitive function.
Country of orgin : India
benefits of BoldVeda Saffron


  • Supports glowing skin
  • Mood Support
  • Rich colour and aroma
  • Pregnancy & PMS Support
  • Immunity Support
  • Weight Support

Hand harvested from the fields of Kashmir.

BoldVeda Kesar is 100% and of the finest quality. The purity of these deep red stands, commonly known as Zafran or Kesar helps in providing a healthy body and mind. As known by traditional Ayurvedic practices, its rich aroma and nutrients not only provide all round development, but also add great flavour to food. With thorough quality checks and a painstaking approach, BoldVeda strives to deliver potent and nutritious Saffron in a pure and natural form.

Saffron is proven to curb appetite and suppress cravings, thus making it easier in supporting weight loss. It relieves emotional stress in pregnant women and prevent common PMS problems like headaches, cravings and irritability. By supporting healthy cells, saffron’s compounds have been known to neutralise free radicals and prevent nutritional deficiencies. Commonly known as the sunshine spice, saffron has been proven to brighten one’s mood. Saffron has a striking colour, a rich fragrance and a unique flavour. It is India’s most expensive spice, because it caters to all the body’s senses, making it provide aphrodisiac properties.

Hand harvested from the fields of Kashmir.
Premium Quality

Premium Quality

With Boldvedas Pure Saffron resin, you can get your hands on the exceptional and extremely powerful transporter of nutrition and energy. No doubt, Our Pure Saffron is one of the best and perfect nature gifts. It is a natural source of energy and will help you work smarter and harder with less exhaustion, and with more concentration.

Freshness Intact

A potent spice and source of nutrition, Saffron is not only a flavourful and aromatic addition to food, it also helps us in staying healthy. Packed in Standard Air-Tight Packaging allows longer preservation of Freshness: The saffron comes in a spill proof container that helps preserve its nutrients longer.

Freshness Intact

Why BoldVeda?

BoldVeda uses traditional Ayurvedic practices and ingredients to come up with a combination of products that can fix the body’s imbalances and restore health and quality in life. With rigorous quality checking and testing, we believe having pure and effective products is the key to achieving all round well-being. At BoldVeda we aim to discover and develop herbal ayurvedic formulations that will support the body in the most natural ways and ensure a fit life.


Gluten Free
Soy Free
Soy Free
No Added Sugar
No Added Sugar
Immuntiy Defence
Immunity Defence
100% Vegeterian
100% Vegetarian
Superprior Quality
Superior Quality

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